DMC rectangular composite manhole cover

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The composite cable trench cover plate is used to cover the road surface or deep water well in the house to prevent workers or objects from falling. Generally used as a ring, can be used as a green belt pedestrian crossing. Carriageway. Port. Alley, etc. Nowadays, most choose composite cable trench cover. It has the following six key features:

1. Anti theft function: the cover plate of composite cable trench cannot be opened without a special key from the outside. Hot dip galvanizing: strong anti rust treatment, free of maintenance and replacement.

2. The anti movement function not only reasonably manipulates the downward movement, but also reasonably manipulates the up and down movement. Beautiful and generous appearance design: simple wireframe, silver white appearance, contemporary fashion trend.

3. Anti noise function. No matter how many years, it is not easy for the wheels to make a little noise after turning over. Displacement: the total seepage area is 83.3%, which is more than twice that of pig iron.

4. Automatic adjustment function, full name: automatic adjustment of anti sinking well cover, which can automatically adjust the relative height of manhole cover according to the working pressure borne by the composite cable trench cover. Anti theft design scheme: the door hinge is selected for the cover plate and structure, which is anti-theft, safe and easy to open.

5. Anti sinking function: properly connect the design scheme of composite cable trench cover plate to make the force of composite cable trench cover plate evenly dispersed on all roads, so as to reasonably solve the lower working pressure.

6. Specification and model: fully meet different natural environments Load Span Specification and shape regulations. Nowadays, the requirements for various building decoration materials are also increasing, and the state has invested heavily in public facilities. Therefore, the demand for composite cable trench cover plate is also increasing, and the composite cable trench cover plate also has a certain impact on the national requirements. The composite cable trench cover plate of Zhejiang Xinjing Power Pipeline Co., Ltd. has the above effects to facilitate better application.

Jiujing brand high strength composite products
Power well covermodelWeight (kg)
Diameter * cover thickness (mm)lid
1900*50*100Extra heavy type172
1600*50*100Extra heavy type155

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